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Ref.ID LPAC1219

  • Location: Pacitan, Beyond Bali,
  • Land size: 9088 sqm
  • Status: HGB (Right To Build)
  • Price ( ): 303.076 

Incredible Beachfront/Cliff Top Land Overlooking a Surfers Paradise

From August 2018 Vendor Discount of 10% off the Listed Prices

This is the perfect location for a private paradise property or for a business development with the highest potential. The property is over 9.000 sqm with full white sand beachfront and with two world-class waves to be accessed by only a short paddle.

The next Uluwatu

Watukarung is a booming surfer village just 3 hours South of Jogja on a newly built highway road. Just 40 minutes West of Pacitan, home to former President SBY, this area has seen major infrastructural developments and has become the lime-light for beachfront investments both for residential villas as well as resort projects.

To own a beachfront land with two world class waves out front is like owning a land with oil. There are not many left. Surf tourism has become the center of Indonesia’s attention, surfers have cash and are willing to spend on memorable holidays. Have you seen that the Watukarung wave is the first advertisement on Jogja airport, alongside world cultural heritage Borobudur.

We have included the opportunity for a resort investment with all papers done. Land is on HGB title and a 3 star hotel business licence has been approved, together with the full IMB, all done the correct official way.

The back land with hill, some 100m from the beach, measures 4.352 sqm and includes the front half of a hill overlooking the bay. It as has a full IMB and resort approval. Priced at USD 73.00 per sqm (1jt) it costs USD 317,700.00 (4.352M). Majestic views yet calm environment.

The adjacent ocean peninsula to the front measures 3500 sqm and makes you feel you own the ocean and the waves. It is directly overlooking the whole bay to the East and unlimited ocean to the sunset in the West. Perfect for a yoga studio on top, breathtaking views and the most memorable photos for self-promotion on all social media. Priced at USD 145.00 per sqm (2jt) this one time opportunity costs USD 507,500.00 (7M).

The adjacent beach front land measures 1.236 sqm and is heaven on earth with four existing buildings, 3 bungalows and one communal house with kitchen and living room. All full concrete, furnished, functioning buildings ready to accommodate guests. This land comes at USD 145.00 per sqm (2jt) so it costs USD 178,900.00 (2,472M).

The owner has handed in the development proposal to the local authorities and has gotten the positive papers for business operations as well as the building permits. Everything is approved for immediate construction tomorrow, and the owner is willing to franchise.

The owner only sells the peninsula or the beach front land in one package with the back land. So there are 3 buying opportunities:

Property Details:

  • Land Titles: HGB / 6 Certificates valid until 2041
  • IMB: Building License Permit
  • Building Plans: Available
  • Road Access: 2.5 Meters
  • Hotel License: Hotel Melati (existing buildings)
  • Hotel License: Hotel 3 Bintang (approved development)
  • Business License for Accommodation
  • Business License for Food & Beverage
  • Disturbance Permission
  • Limited Liability Company Registration Certificate
  • Branch Office Registration (SIUP)

A – Back Land: Sold Separately from the Front Land

  • No.1: Size – 1845m2 / 18.45 Are / IDR 1,000,000 per m2
  • No.2: Size – 1075m2 / 10.75 Are / IDR 1,000,000 per m2
  • No.3: Size – 565m2 / 5.65 Are / IDR 1,000,000 per m2
  • No.4: Size – 867m2 / 8.67 Are / IDR 1,000,000 per m2

Total Size for Back Land = 4352m2 / 43.52 Are @ IDR 1,000,000 per m2

Total Price for Back Land = IDR 4,352,000,000

B – Front Land Hill Peninsula: Sold Only together with the Back Land (A)

  • No.5: Size – 3500m2 / 35 Are / IDR 2,000,000 per m2

Total Price for Front Hill Peninsula = IDR 7,000,000,000

A + B plots Total Price = IDR 11,352,000,000

C – Front Land Flat Beachfront: Sold only together with All the Land Plots (A + B)

  • No.6: Size – 1236m2 / 12.36 Are / IDR 2,000,000,000 per m2

Total Price for Front Land Flat with Beach = IDR 2,472,000,000

(Including existing buildings/bungalows)

A + B + C plots Total Price = IDR 13,824,000,000