We Care We Share

The ‘We Care. We Share’ program is a Paradise Property’s social initiative created to deliver aid to poor villages and to help the less fortunate in remote areas of Bali. Created seven years ago the program has given new school rooms and books to the village of Abang in Kintamani. It is assisting in the development of sustainable programs by helping families with tools and investments that will help them increase their daily income. This includes providing water pumps to help irrigate areas previously too far from water sources, building fish pens to create an income stream and creating responsible tourism programs to benefit the villages. It also provides some individual sponsorship to foster Balinese talents and creates extra Curriculum activities for the children. The program helps feed and shelter elders who have no one to care for them. Already many families are benefiting from this aid which is encouraging and helping them to become independent. Most important is the change within the community to work together and think long term. Additionally the ‘Give them a Future’ Program…. We are a major sponsor of SOLEMEN who do an inspiring voluntary job caring for the disadvantaged in Bali. This video gives an small insight into the wonderful work they are doing.

direct food aid education water pump garbage collection program

Direct food aid: This is not our preferred method of aid, but something we do especially towards old people living alone in very difficult conditions not capable of producing enough food themselves or not having a family that takes care of them. A typical program like this would cost approximately 5 million rupiah ($500) covering 50 basic packages of rice, sugar, cooking oil, noodles, and other essential food items. We do about 1 a month.

Education: We are currently completing a few buildings for the local school to utilize for the children. We will then pay for teachers to provide short and long term extra curriculum education to give them a better chance towards a higher education and eventual employment. The buildings will also be used for training adults for such as organic farming and other sustainable projects. We have bought all necessary  books for the kids at the school as well as writing books, school bags, pencil cases and other needed school equipment.

Helping to develop self sufficiency. Under this program we provide tools, equipment and funds for families to become self-sufficient and improve their income. We have given 5-6 medium water pumps to families. Some of them now have up to 50-60 million rupiah in income per year by growing different crops. One pump is about 4 million rupiah. Mark Tuck personally donated a large commercial pump, with two storage pools built in the village and as this pump can drive water much further and higher it has opened up new land for farming.This program support now 35 families.

Create fish pens (12 holes). One fish pen costs about 12 million to set up, and will generate enough income for a family to live off and more. Currently we are looking at how we can improve the marketing to sell the fish as well cover the cost of fish food.

Responsible Tourism. We have now established Paradise Adventures based on culture and eco tourism and are developing different activities,including mountain trekking, biking, canoeing, and a simple restaurant, all operated, managed and run by the village. The ‘adventures’ often include staying over night with a village family giving you a unique experience and insight into Balinese traditions and life style.Even in programs taking investments, the village gets 70% of profits. We now have a list of more than 100 villages in Bali where this can be implemented. We also pay workers to do all the infrastructure work on these programs. In addition to the above program we provide emergency medical aid for old people and women experiencing birth complications etc. We have also provided funds for floods and issues needing heavy- duty equipment to deal with these disasters. Our latest initiative is a garbage collection program where in particular kids, but also adults collect garbage. We have designed “cages” where the garbage is deposited so it can easily be taken away and recycled. If enough garbage is gathered and recycled this also becomes an additional income source for the village. As well distributing a few compost bins, to slowly improve soil in the area. Future plans include purchasing cows, ducks, pigs, chickens etc for families to include in their farming. Mark Tuck has also sponsored a disabled child with “the Solemen” another Bali Charity which provides invaluable help and assistance to disabled children who are often neglected and given no other help.