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Retiring in Bali | 9 News Perth

Australians and New Zealanders who are reaching retirement age & planning on investing their money in property, should look further afield than Australia & New Zealand & consider Bali as the perfect place to relax and enjoy their nest egg. And one reason, is because your hard earned doll


How to Get Bank Loan and Get Approved

How to Get Bank Loan and Get Approved Getting a bank loan approved might require you to go through some difficult and complicated process. Moreover, in recent economic condition, some banks get more strict on the application reviews. But it does not mean there's nothing you can do. Here are some way


Step-by-step to Set Up a Business in Indonesia

With its huge market potential, Indonesia gets more and more attention of foreign investors to set up a business in the country. Apart from the benefits, Indonesia Law No. 40/2007 rules that foreign investors can conduct commercial activities in Indonesia by setting up a legal entity called a foreig


Tourism and Hospitality in Bali and Beyond

Tourism and hospitality in Bali and beyond is no longer a secret for the entire world. This heavenly island has so many things to offer in tourism sectors, from the white sandy beautiful beaches, underwater colorful coral reefs, playful waves for surfing, peaceful lake in surrounded by the majestic


Bali And Beyond: A Property Business Perspective

We are about six months into the new Indonesian government under President Joko Widodo (aka Jokowi). As is seen after many national elections, Indonesia and its business communities have been through a “wait and see what happens” period. One impressive aspect of the new cabinet is that their pla


Land Laws in Bali Differ from the Rest of Indonesia? Not Really

Real Estate agents around Indonesia, and internationally, think that land laws in Bali are different from the rest of Indonesia, as foreigners can own freehold land! You can also own freehold land with a secondary title on top of it, being the Right of Use (Hak Pakai) and Right to Build (Hak Guna Ba


Zoning Regulations in Bali

In Bali there are no parking problems, you can park anywhere you want. In Bali there are no zoning regulations, you can build anywhere you want. Not true. Zoning regulations are a hot topic these days in Bali. Land is zoned under many different categories, most starting off as agriculture land, dev


Bali Real Estate And Ownership Options

Bali is an amazing and inviting place to live, and also invest. For 15 years ++ property prices has continued to go up, and are most likely to continue to do so. For Indonesians, there are no issues as there are no limitations to how an Indonesian can own or control a property, as long as it is all


5 Reasons I love Canggu

Truth be told, Canggu has changed a lot in recent years. It used to be an escape into the wilderness through flowing rice fields and swaying coconut groves to some almost well-kept secret world-class surf breaks. Times have changed though and rapid development has well and truly moved in to the area


Safe as Houses: Owning Property in Indonesia

Expat bars in Bali are treasure troves of secret knowledge and hidden wisdom. It's where the mysterious oracles live. If you need an answer to any question, anything at all, then all you need to do is head to the nearest expat bar and very politely ask the guy making the most noise. It's a bit risk


Boldly Going Where No President Has Gone Before

I remember watching the original series of Star Trek on a black and white TV. A what? I can hear eyes rolling, so for those of you who have no idea what that means, have a look at this Wikipedia link about the history of TV. Anyway, TVs were all the rage in those days (if you could get one) and


Real Estate is an Essential Part of Any Investment Portfolio and The Time is Now!

Real Estate should be an Essential Part of Any Investment Portfolio Many a fortune has been made through real estate investments. While many investments are highly volatile and vulnerable to inflation, property investments are anchored and protected against inflation. "When prices begin to


Connecting The Dots

Something's happening in Indonesia. And I for one say it's something good. Actually it's not just something, it's more than one thing; it's a relaxation on visas and work regulations, tax and amnesties, import duties, property and foreign ownership laws and if you can get past the clutter and confu


Things to do in Jimbaran, Bali

One of the best place to live in Bali, Jimbaran. With the white sand beach, blue sea, fisherman, fronted by a long string of seafood warungs (A warung is a type of small family‐owned business — often a casual shop, a modest small restaurant or café in Indonesia), it’s more relaxing for most


Government Focuses on Ten Tourism Destinations Beyond Bali

This might come as a bit of a shock to some, but there is more to Indonesia than the island of Bali. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place with amazing people, it really is. The guidebooks are right when they say it's a unique paradise in the 17,000 plus islands of the Indonesian archipelago.


Five tips for expanding your business to Indonesia

As Asian markets go, Indonesia remains largely untapped by Australian small business. Recent estimates suggest only 250 Australian companies have a physical presence in the archipelago, which has a population nudging 250 million. This looks set to change. A recent two-week bid to boost business ties


Investment up 689% over January-September period

Authorities have reported a 689% increase in foreign investment and domestic capital in Bali’s provincial economy over the 9-month period between January to September of this year. Compared to the same period in 2014, which saw a total of Rp. 2.9 trillion of investment funds injected into the


Tourism to Take Center Stage in Push for Economic Revival

The Indonesian government will focus next year on developing the tourism industry as it looks to steer economic growth away from a reliance on exports suffering a commodity price slump. “Bali and Nusa Tenggara have proven that they were not affected by falling commodity prices because those


What is wrong with real estate in Bali?

There have been a lot of recent claims that property transactions in Bali have slowed down after 15 years of unprecedented growth. Is this true? And if it is, why? What's happened? Let's have a look at some of the issues. Issue one: Property Prices. There has been tremendous growth in land and prope


Tourism and Agriculture of Bali Must Be Integrated

Tourism with agriculture are expected to be well integrated so as to foster a symbiotic relationship mutualism in Bali. I Nyoman Ray, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Udayana Bali, said tourism which is very well developed in Bali is the locomotive of economic growth that would be


Visa-Free Countries to Indonesia Just Doubled

Nationals of 90 Countries Now Eligible to Visit Indonesia without a Visa The authoritative website has confirmed that Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has signed Presidential Decree No. 104 of 2015 extending short stay visa free facilities to the citizens of 75 countries trav


The Best Townships for Young Families

The online property marketplace Lamudi gives insights into the best areas and prices for growing families. Real estate experts Lamudi know how hard it is to find a perfect place for your family to live, so they have crunched some numbers and analyzed the best townships for young couples. When you



There is a lot of exposure about Bali and its tourism developments, as well as property and uncontrolled developments. There are a lot of critiques and arguments coming up to stop hotel developments and villa developments in certain areas. Even some argue there is a price war going on between hotels



We stumbled across this interesting analysis of the property market in Bali and the islands to the east, which was originally posted by InBali in September last year and wanted to share it with you some 10 months later because of how accurate it has turned out to be.   Bill Barnett from C9 H



Indonesia has formally waived its visa requirements for visitors from 45 countries. This is great news for those of you from one of these countries, not so great if you're from Australia, which, for some reason isn't included on the list. Those countries on the list however, are:   Singapore,



It may come as a shock to some people but the capital of Bali is NOT Kuta! Maybe it's a mistake that's made because the airport is designated with the initials DPS, which does stand for Denpasar even though it's actually located on the edge of Kuta.   But ignoring the capital on your trip to



The world famous Naked Chef has finally opened up shop in Kuta. Actually it's not just in Kuta, it's one of the most sought after and popular areas right on the beachfront adjacent to the Hard Rock. With that sort of location we think he should nail it! We have to admit we haven't personally tried i



We came across a very detailed and interesting article from InBali recently about the future of tourism in Lombok. For those of you who don't know, Lombok is the next island along from Bali, heading east. It's only 70 kilometers across by 50 kilometers from north to south and has a very impressive



There's been a lot of talk in Indonesia recently about increasing the number of tourists to these wonderful islands and a recent PropertyReport post gave that some credence by reporting that the government was aiming for the magical figure of 20 million by the year 2020.   Tourism has been a