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Company structures that can be established to buy property in Bali 

Company Structures That Can Be Established in Order to Acquire Property in Indonesia

You may be aware that there are different company structures that can be established in order to acquire property in Indonesia, however some of those options have limitations. Company types and ownership structures are listed below for your information: Local PT company with nominee structure (Lo


How to Invest in Bali’s Competitive Villa Market

Bali is one of Indonesia’s wealthiest regions, and saw unprecedented price increases in recent years. Both Indonesians and foreigners are keen to invest here. About 80% of Bali’s economy depends on tourism. Global media attention hasn’t harmed it, including the 2010 movie “Ea


Tips to starting a business in Bali

Bali’s property market has undergone tremendous transformation and growth over the past decade. Where there was once only sprawling rice fields has since become the bustling hubs of Seminyak and Kuta, and the eyes of property investors from around the world are now firmly fixed on the “Island of

Bali Building Project Tips 

How to make sure a building project goes well

For many people, both local and foreign, building in Bali can become a nightmare, but it doesn't need to be. So what can you do to try and make sure a building project goes well? If you are planning or starting a building project in Bali, we have outlined 6 important steps you can take to protect y

Buy Bali Property Checklist 

20 Important Points To Check Before Buying a Bali Property

Viewing a Bali property can be exciting but it's easy to forget to check all the essential details. Make sure you ask the key questions when you inspect the property. It's essential that you make the most of a property viewing to ensure that you're as well informed as you possibly can be before maki

Bali long term rental vs short term 

Bali Short Term Rentals vs Long Term Rentals

Bali Property owners considering renting out their space often wonder whether it would be better to use their property as a short-term rental (holiday rental) or as a long-term rental. Owners should consider their wants and needs, as well as factors like revenue, rental maintenance, and property usa

Bali Property Tax 

Tax And Costs Incurred by The Property Seller and Buyer in Bali

Buying and selling a Bali property is an activity that involves costs, especially tax. There are several types of Bali Property tax and fees incurred by the property seller and buyer. The Indonesian government, like any other government, imposes taxation obligations on foreign investors The Indone

8 steps to buy a Bali property 

How to Buy Property in Bali: 8 Steps on How to get it right!

Do your homework first before even considering buying a property in Bali. There are many stringent laws regarding foreign property ownership and without professional guidance from the Paradise Property Group, you risk running into unnecessary problems. Buying a villa in Bali is a big investment dec


Step-by-step to Set Up a Business in Indonesia

With its huge market potential, Indonesia gets more and more attention of foreign investors to set up a business in the country. Apart from the benefits, Indonesia Law No. 40/2007 rules that foreign investors can conduct commercial activities in Indonesia by setting up a legal entity called a foreig