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Living in Bali 

Living in Bali

For decades, Bali has become a popular tourist destination, whilst still retaining most of its traditions. Balinese Hindu culture is very unique with a mixture of animism, Buddhism and ancestral worship combined with the spiritual form of the Hindu religion of India. You will see local women dressed

Penglipuran Village 

Penglipuran Traditional Village

Located about 45 kilometers from the city of Denpasar, Penglipuran Village offers you the 'real Bali' with local cultural wisdom which is still upheld by the people of this village. Entering this traditional village, you will be greeted by a row of neat and tidy houses. This village is not only famo

indonesia's best diving sites 

Four Indonesian destinations named best dive sites in Asia by CNN

The beauty of Indonesia's pristine coastlines and marine life has become one of the reasons for an increase of foreign tourists wanting to try diving or partake in diving tours. The oceans surrounding Indonesia are blessed with stunning and very diverse marine and coral reefs. In January 2017, Dive

Nihiwatu Hotel 

The Best Hotel in The World

Each year, US-based travel magazine Travel + Leisure conducts surveys for various categories in tourism. Recently, for the second year in a row, the Nihiwatu Hotel located in Sumba, was chosen as the number 1, best hotel in the world in the “World’s Best Travel Awards 2017”. Nihiwatu outclass