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Retire in Bali 

Retiring in Bali

There are so many good reasons to retire in Bali. Bali, with a population of about four million, is one of about 17,500 islands that make up Indonesia. It has a constant 85-degree temperature, stunning landscapes, and warm and gracious smiling people.  Their culture and religion is fascinating and

Living in Bali 

Living in Bali

For decades, Bali has become a popular tourist destination, whilst still retaining most of its traditions. Balinese Hindu culture is very unique with a mixture of animism, Buddhism and ancestral worship combined with the spiritual form of the Hindu religion of India. You will see local women dressed


Retiring in Bali | 9 News Perth

Australians and New Zealanders who are reaching retirement age & planning on investing their money in property, should look further afield than Australia & New Zealand & consider Bali as the perfect place to relax and enjoy their nest egg. And one reason, is because your hard earned doll


Tourism and Hospitality in Bali and Beyond

Tourism and hospitality in Bali and beyond is no longer a secret for the entire world. This heavenly island has so many things to offer in tourism sectors, from the white sandy beautiful beaches, underwater colorful coral reefs, playful waves for surfing, peaceful lake in surrounded by the majestic

5 reasons I love canggu 

5 Reasons I love Canggu

Truth be told, Canggu has changed a lot in recent years. It used to be an escape into the wilderness through flowing rice fields and swaying coconut groves to some almost well-kept secret world-class surf breaks. Times have changed though and rapid development has well and truly moved in to the area