Cara Mendapatkan Pinjaman Bank dan Disetujui

Cara Mendapatkan Pinjaman Bank dan Disetujui

How to Get Bank Loan and Get Approved Getting a bank loan approved might require you to go through some difficult and complicated process. Moreover, in recent economic condition, some banks get more strict on the application reviews. But it does not mean there’s nothing you can do. Here are some ways you can do in advance to apply for a bank loan and get approved.

Initial Research

According to your goal, find a suitable loan package, loan term, loan limit, and loan requirements that you can reasonably afford. Contact the bank directly to find out the loan eligibility, requirements, and necessary documents so you can be prepared submitting the loan application.

Take some time to make sure you meet the basic criteria for a loan, find out how much you can realistically borrow, evaluate the rational repayment term, check out any prepayment penalties, and look for some ways to improve your credit rating.

Please be aware that credit history is taken into consideration when you pursue a loan. Only apply on the loan based on your financial ability, to make sure you can afford to repay. How much you can borrow is usually determined by how much the bank thinks you can repay.

Prepare Enough

Time When the bank is reviewing your application, the officers might need particular protocols to approve the loan. Make sure you have enough time to follow the procedure and sequence, and allow enough time to expect an answer. Therefore, applying for a loan when you’re in a hurry is not a good idea.

Get Documents Ready

After you get the information from the bank, create the checklist to make sure you go through all appropriate documentation for the loan application. It is important to complete all documentation to avoid loan denial.

Generally, some banks will require following basic documents to process loan application:

  1. ID card,
  2. Tax ID,
  3. Marriage certificate,
  4. Family member certificate,
  5. Bank statement,
  6. Income proof or salary slip,
  7. Collateral loan.

Please note that, some other additional documents might be needed, depending on each bank policy. You might also need to bring some blank forms to fill in and sign at home, to be submitted together with other documents later on.

Apply for Loan

After you have all the required documents, now you are ready to submit the loan application to the bank. Go to the bank loan credit officer, and submit all documents and signed forms. Make sure you get receipts for all documents and discuss the waiting time before you get the answer.

If the loan is not approved, the bank may provide the specific reasoning behind the denial. If you continue applying for the loan that you think you may be able to get, too many loan application may ruin your credit and chance of securing one in the near future.

Finally, if all loan documentation and requirements are prepared thoroughly, and if you apply for the loan suitable to your financial ability, you will get better chance for the loan approval.