Living in Bali

Living in Bali

For decades, Bali has become a popular tourist destination, whilst still retaining most of its traditions. Balinese Hindu culture is very unique with a mixture of animism, Buddhism and ancestral worship combined with the spiritual form of the Hindu religion of India. You will see local women dressed in traditional Balinese clothing, walking to the temple with handmade woven baskets  on their heads to perform daily religious rituals.

The mystical life in Bali is very different from most other islands in Southeast Asia. Bali recognizes the ‘Karma’ that regulates their daily lives, so there is a requirement to live a balanced, harmonious life and to be respectable to people. You will experience a calming and beautiful feeling everyday, whether it comes from the smell of the aromatic incense as you walk the streets, the women who sprinkle the holy water in the temple or the sound of gamelan music played in every house you pass.

You will never experience this relaxing lifestyle at home and when you choose to live in Bali you are guaranteed an affordable living expense. Dreaming of having a two bedroom villa with a swimming pool? Your dream will come true at a cost of less than $ 300 a month.

You do not have to worry if you choose to stay in Bali because many expat areas have all the same modern facilities as you will find back home. You can hire a full-time housekeeper who can help you with all domestic chores for only $ 100 per month, which is a very affordable luxury. You can still afford to pamper yourself with a sumptuous spa, relax on the beach or even do some adventure trips. This luxurious and stunning lifestyle will only cost you about $ 1,900 per month.

Another benefit to living on Bali is that it is a rather small island to explore, but still big enough to enjoy the many diversities it has to offer, therefore making everyday life here interesting. One day you can be bike riding to an active volcano and then end up amidst lush, tiered rice fields. Another day you can go diving around a shipwreck or swim with tropical fish in the clear blue ocean. Why not try to learn meditation in Ubud or take a surf lesson in Kuta? All exciting and endless possibilities are at your disposal.

Because of Bali’s central location in Indonesia, it makes it easy to travel to other areas. Fly to the volcanic island of Flores just 90 minutes away and later take a boat to the famous Komodo and Rinca islands to see the amazing Komodo Dragons. Fly for a further 90 minutes to Java Island and visit the legendary Borobudur and Prambanan temples. Other destinations such as Japan, Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and the Philippines are easily explored in addition to more than 6000 other Indonesian islands. Ngurah Rai International Airport serves direct flights to 57 cities and numerous countries.